Dana is a dancer at heart and has been on stage since before she can remember. After dancing in her youth and through college, Dana joined DanceWorks Boston and happily auditioned and performed in 5 seasons. It was love in first kitchen when she developed her passion for food and fitness while in college. Dana has participated in numerous 5ks, 3 half marathons to date, 1 very long marathon and will soon be running her first ultra race.


The love of my life? Fred. Fred Astaire has a real passion for running, but retired two years ago and settled down with Dana. His retired life consists of sleeping, eating, going on frequent long walks and runs, sleeping, and sleeping. He likes to root on his mama in the kitchen as well as on runs.




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  1. Dana & Brett, I think your website is terrific It’s creative and well designed, interesting & informative, educational & motivational. I especially like your silhouettes at the beginning; they piqued my curiosity. Keep it going. I hope you get lots of followers. Count me in.

  2. Wonderful website you guys! Wonderful health tips, recipes and great advice! Thanks for taking the time to make this blog to share with others!

  3. I met Brett today while at The Running Store. Thanks for the tip with the CLIF Blocks chews. The website is great! It’s very informative and fun. I’m looking forward to reading more helpful advice and getting ideas on healthy food and recipes. I wish you both continued success with this site!

    • Thanks, Joyce! Glad you like the website and Brett was able to help you today. Feel free to sign up for our new posts via our homepage. Let us know if you ever have any questions or topics you’d like us to cover.

      Happy Running!

      Dana and Brett

  4. Brett, thanks for hooking me up with the Hoka shoes and info on the socks. You’re a real pro..the Running Store has a real satisfied customer Greal website

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