Holy, holy guacamole

We have been on a humongous avocado kick lately. In smoothies.

I. Can't. Stop.

I. Can’t. Stop.

Eggs. Salads. Buying Chipotle with guacamole…I mean, making it homemade. Yes, we had some burrito bowls this week, but we DID make homemade guacamole. I know what you’re thinking. Making your own seems like a lot of work…lots of chopping. Well, the way we do it here at COTR, delicious guacamole will be in your belly in 10 minutes.


I. Know. The great thing about making your own guacamole is you can make it on Sunday and use it during the week. Mine doesn’t usually last that long, but you could give it a try! 🙂 Use a dollop on a salad. Have guac with eggs and salsa for breakfast. Eat it as a snack with some blue corn tortilla chips. Or just stuff your face with plain old guac. It’s so versatile.

If you are able to control your inner guac-beast and have leftovers, simply pack the container with saran wrap tightly against the guacamole, pushing out any air bubbles and stick it in the fridge. This will prevent that green beauty from turning brown and grossing you out.

10 – Minute Homemade Guacamole

3 avocados, cored and scooped into a bowl
3/4 red onion, minced
1 garlic clove, pressed finely or minced
Juice of 3 limes
Kosher salt, to taste

Mash the avocado, onion and garlic in a bowl until well combined.

Mashing hazard. Note to self: aggressive excitement  does not make more guacamole.

Mashing hazard. Note to self: aggressive excitement does not make more guacamole.

Add the lime juice and continue mashing. Now, it’s time to taste test. If needed, add additional lime juice and/or salt to your taste preference. A bit of salt does bring out all the flavors. And that’s it! Bring to a party or selfishly hold that bowl with love and a mouthful of guac. Not that I know from experience or anything…



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