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I’m not an expert, but I’ve certainly racked up my share of experiences. From personal training, to running, dancing to yoga, cycling and swimming, to all sorts of sports, I’ve made my rounds in the fitness world. Check out below where I’ve posted tips and tricks, rules of the road, do’s and don’ts, and answers to some of the most common fitness questions. Feel free to comment on this page and I’ll answer your questions soon!


5 tips to get out of bed in the morning

Inspiration on bad days 

Power your workouts with music

How to make the early morning gym session work


Healthy Tips for Social Gatherings

5 Healthy Thanksgiving Survival Tips


Incorporating circuit training into your runs

Overcoming negativity during runs

Injuries 101 – R.I.C.E.

Marathon training? Week 1 Schedule


Strength Training

(Coming soon!)



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