ALOHA to the scale

People have asked us about using a food scale. Brett and I actively use our Salter food scale with most meals. It’s actually kinda fun 🙂

I remember hearing some of the stigma around measuring out food a few years back:

“That’s a little excessive…”

“Aren’t you taking healthy eating a little too far?”

The truth is…you would be astounded at the difference between a “scoop” and the gram measurement in a serving of food. That’s why we did a weight test when making breakfast this morning. Check it out!

We put together some greek yogurt with chia seeds, fruit and our new dried green juice powder from Aloha. We started off by measuring out the greek yogurt. One serving is 1 cup or 227g. When using a 1 cup scoop, this is the measurement we saw on the Salter:

Crazy, right?

Crazy, right?

50 GRAMS DIFFERENCE! That’s a big deal. Now, you see why we measure out our food.

So, on to the actual eating. Aloha sent us some samples of their dried green juice. We were excited to test it out a few different ways. The beautiful thing about this product is there are only a few ingredients and you can pronounce them ALL. If you’re trying to clean up your eating habits, one of the first things to do is to check out the ingredients of the foods you are eating. If you can’t pronounce the ingredient names and/or you aren’t familiar with them, it’s probably a safe bet that it shouldn’t be going in your body, eh? Food is like our own personal medicine. Keep it clean. We were so impressed with Aloha as a company that we simply had to give their products a try:



We used our first sample with our greek yogurt:

Green Yogurt with Chia and Fresh Fruit

1 serving greek yogurt (don’t forget to weight it out!)

2 tsp chia seeds

1 packet Daily Good Aloha

Half a banana, sliced

A handful frozen or fresh blueberries

Thoroughly mix together the greek yogurt, chia and Aloha. Top with fruit and enjoy!


We’re looking forward to trying Aloha Daily Good in our smoothies and maybe even a salad dressing? We’ll see what we can cook up next 😉

Aloha is offering free samples for new faces 🙂 – you can claim yours here.

Happy Friday and aloha! #wheresmyicecream

Happy Friday and aloha! #wheresmyicecream